Use Case: Load Elasticsearch ETL from SQL

Low latency multi-table SQL data is pulled and merged into a hierarchical Json document into Elasticsearch There is a strong need for SQL style database to off load text searches onto a search engine like Elasticsearch. With non-trivial data models there are several technical hurdles that need to be resolved. Elasticsearch requires all search parameters […]

Top 15 reasons to use a Json ETL tool

Advantages of using declarative json ETL software JsonEDI is a powerful enterprise declarative ETL tool based on internal Json documents. JsonEDI can read or write to nearly any datasource including SQL, NoSQL , flat files or REST. When reading from non-Json sources, JsonEDI immediately converts the data into Json for processing. Being a declarative programming […]

Use Case: Automatic ETL schema generation

Semistructured source data with automatic ETL schema generation¬†at SQL destination Problem: A Software as a Service (SaaS) company stores OLTP data in a mixed format of relational and semi-structured data. This multi-tenant data consists of workflow, form data and documents. The company must export the data for their clients in a tabular form by pivoting […]